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The brief from King’s Cross was to create a newspaper that would promote the as-yet unbuilt Coal Drops Yard to prospective tenants. Our response was to create a brand and a magazine that would speak directly to the founders and CEOs of brands that King’s Cross was targeting. By using top talent in photography, writing and styling, Kiosk Magazine rapidly became a respected publication that helped pave a way for the Coal Drops Yard leasing team in a competitive market.

We created five issues of Kiosk Magazine over two and a half years, with issue 5 coinciding with the launch of Coal Drops Yard in October 2018, dealing with all aspects from commissioning and shoot production to design and print.

Contributors to Kiosk Magazine over the 5 issues include the following:

Project description
Issue Five
Photographer: Rosie Matheson
Photographer: Nina Manandhar
Photographer: Alex de Mora