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In late 2017 King’s Cross asked us to pitch on a leasing and management strategy for Lower Stable Street. Providing a link between Central Saint Martins and Stable Street on one side and Coal Drops Yard on the other, Lower Stable Street presented an opportunity to create something unique for King’s Cross.

We created a proposal for the street based on our editorial approach to Kiosk Magazine: a number of fixed columns that don’t change (a bar, a record shop, a sandwich shop, a coffee place), complemented by units that intentionally change and enable us to trial new ideas. The intention was to create an atmosphere of experimentation where successful concepts could progress from short licenses (three to nine months) to more permanent leases. Crucially, our pitch was to create a place that would draw young people to Coal Drops Yard, including the local community and Central Saint Martins, without alienating other audiences.

Excitingly, our proposal was successful. We then started to evolve the trusted Kiosk Magazine brand into a platform that could approach independent brands about taking space on Lower Stable Street. With the clear intention of delivering community events, exhibitions and retail experiments, in addition to leasing spaces on Lower Stable Street, Kiosk N1C was born.

You can find out more about what Kiosk N1C does at its dedicated site. If you would like to receive a copy of the Kiosk N1C 5 year archive, get in touch via our contact page.