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We build teams around our client's needs, using our network to find the best people to work on each project, managed and delivered by us. We take projects from idea to launch, and sometimes beyond, with project durations ranging from a few weeks to several years. We are collaborators first and have worked with everyone from the big agencies to a small army of freelancers. Our three principle areas of work are outlined below - you can always talk to us about projects which aren't covered here.

Original Content

We have a proven track record of creating original photographic and filmed content that audiences relate to and creates click-throughs, sales and engagement. From a global social media campaign to a community-led photography project, we have the production ability to deliver. We have made content all over the world, from Iraq to Hawaii and love a challenge.

You can view some of our content projects here.


We have been working in placemaking for almost ten years, developing a community-led approach to the challenges of creating a new place. Whether that community is a group of retailers, local organisations or larger partners, we know how to engage from the ground up to grow places that people want to be in.

You can view some of our placemaking projects here, or get in touch to receive a copy of our report detailing 5 years of work at King's Cross in London.


All of our projects are based on a thorough understanding of the task at hand and we carry out rigorous research to get to the heart of the matter. Sometimes the project is the research itself, with the goal being to deliver a body of work that will help our client understand an issue or a market.

See an example of our research work here and get in touch to find out how we can help you.